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Pro-Ject DAC Box RS2, ezüst

689 990 Ft619 900 Ft
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The DAC Box RS2 is based on our incredibly successful
Pre Box RS2 Digital but takes away the analogue pre-amp
section, to reduce the unit to a standalone DAC with fixed
output. It uses the same excellent sounding DAC chips
that were first used in it‘s little brother, the Pre Box S2 Digital. Based on the same core-design principles, the feature set is extended and driven to new heights. The result
is a fantastic sounding and very versitile box. The perfect
partner for anyone looking for a modern DAC with a plethora of digital inputs and a fully balanced circuit board

  • DAC: 2x ESS9038Q2M (dual mono - 32bit/768kHz/DSD512)
    with 8 different digital filter settings
  • Digitális bemenetek: 1 x USB 2.0 Audio 32/768 + DoP and Native-DSD up to DSD512
    1 x HDMI I2S for CD Box RS2 T
    2 x S/PDIF optical 24/192, 1 x S/PDIF coaxial 24/192
    1x AES/EBU balanced 24/192
  • MQA támogatás: full MQA unfolding by hardware
  • Analog outputs: Pre-out (XLR & RCA)
    THD+N (20Hz - 20kHz): < 0.0008% solid state/0.001% tube
    @ 2V RMS, 1 kHz
  • Master clock kimenet: 16,9344MHz a CD Box RS2 T számára
  • Output Buffer: discrete and balanced, tube and solid state
  • Tubes: 4 x 6922EH
  • Power supply: 20V/3A DC, 110-240V/50, 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 1,2A DC, <0,5W in standby
  • Dimensions W x H x D (with sockets): 206 x 72 x 222 mm
  • Weight: 1520 g without power supply
689 990 Ft619 900 Ft
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